Saturday Group Rides “A” & “B” START 7:00 a.m.



  •  BRIGHT RED TAIL LIGHT:  We encourage everyone to use 1 day & night.  Headlight helpful, too
  • RIDE SMART: Someone is waiting for each of us to come home
  • DOUBLE PACELINE:  The rider pacing the group is front right.  Important: Do not pass front right rider.  If you’d like to pull, stay in the left line & rotate through to the front.  Limit your pulls to 5 minutes or less in BOTH groups A & B if other riders are waiting to pull.
  • ELECTROLYTES .. IT’S HOT AGAIN!!  Drink/eat products containing electrolytes to help prevent dehydration & cramping. 
  • GROUP TRAINING: Improve your group riding skills & cycling fitness!  Join Victor’s group training sessions at Markham Park Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 6:30 a.m.(Group “A” pace with intervals) & 8:00 a.m. (Group “B” pace with intervals).  Please call the shop at 954-964-8586 for more information
  • LIABILITY WAIVER & EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: If you haven’t already, please complete the attached form & return it to us with your original signature.  (Copies of your signature are not acceptable.)  
Shop Opens 6:30 a.m. Before Saturday Rides

Please feel free to use our restrooms, buy any last minute items, etc.

Saturday “A” & “B” Rides Start: 7:00 am SHARP!!

Group B lines up  behind Group A in the parking lot, both groups leave the parking lot together &  warm-up together as 1 big group until we make a right turn onto Flamingo (about mile 3) when the group splits into 2 groups.

OCT 14Group “A” paced by VICTOR

20+ mph

61 miles

OCT 14Group “B” paced by TAMYRA

18-20  mph

47 miles

SATURDAY’S 10-MINUTE REST STOP AT WESTON REGIONAL PARK: restrooms, water fountains, vending machine sells Coke products like water, Powerade, etc. & it  accepts credit cards & $1 bills.  No food is available at the rest stop, so remember to carry energy snacks &  powder or tablets containing electrolytes to put in your water bottles at the rest stop.

Don’t miss the rest stop!  If you happen to get separated from the group before the rest stop, do this:  When you get to the ROUND-A-BOUT at Weston Regional Park (at approx mile 32  for Group “A” riders and approx mile 29 for Group “B” riders),  enter the park.   At the STOP sign, turn right.  We’ll be on the left by the softball fields.

**You should have the opportunity to switch groups at the rest stop since both groups usually stop at the park at the same time.**


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